Easy Expense Tracker Demo

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2019

This video shows you how to get a working copy of the Easy Expense Tracker spreadsheet (you can get a copy here: www.makingcapitalismwork.com) and goes over the proper use of it. Be sure to watch the companion video: Budgets Dont Work


Never look at money the same way again: Your Money or Your Life

Learn to recognize unproductive financial behaviors in others: The Millionaire Next Door


Budgets Dont Work

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Nicotine: The Easiest Quit I’ve Ever Had

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2019

Spoiler alert - I’ve been nicotine-free for several years now and have absolutely zero desire to start up again. No cravings, no longings, no desire to ever do that to myself again.

What is this doing on a wealth building site? Nicotine is a huge drag on your wealth building efforts. It’s like trying to run with a tractor tire chained to your waist. You can do it, but it takes much more effort than normal and you will be running a hell of a lot slower. There is no healthy version of nicotine, and there is no form of nicotine addiction that won’t rob you of your wealth building energy. It doesn’t matter if it’s cigarettes, chew, snuff, cigars, pipes, vapes, gum or patches. It’s still dragging you down.

So what can you do about it? You’ve tried to quit numerous times and you always ended up back on nicotine. Read on to learn about the easiest quit I’ve ever had.

I started smoking regularly when I was 16. I worked hard at it. The smoke...

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Budgets Don't Work

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2019

Budgets don’t work. I say this as a person who budgeted religiously for over 8 years. Back then, I would have told you I was even using them successfully. Until I found a much better way and stopped using them.

 One day as I was going through my finances I realized I had a total of $80,000 in credit card debt and no disposable income. Every spare dollar I had was needed to pay the credit card minimums. It was a crushing realization that scared the hell out of me. I felt utterly trapped with no way out. The only solution I could come up with was budgeting. I would have to budget to find extra money that I could apply towards the debt and get it paid down.

 And it worked. Sort of. I became the budget master. I had budgets for everything. And for 8 years I took on no more debt (a very conscious decision not to take any more money from banks, friends, or family) and I was able to reduce my debt by tens of thousands of dollars. So overall, it seemed to be working and I...

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